Information for Montana Cup Hosts

The Montana Cup host city is selected from the following rotating schedule:

Bozeman – Billings – Great Falls – Kalispell – Butte – Missoula – Helena.

Any time the next scheduled host chooses to forego hosting, the chance then falls to the next town in the order.

The primary incentive for hosting the Cup is the chance to show off your city’s character and beautiful open spaces to all the other Montana cities. Of course the event also offers extrinsic rewards to the host. In addition to the peripheral economic boost that is created when 150 or 250 runners come to town with their supporters, the race itself typically generates about $1000 profit for the host.

See more technical information for hosting the Montana Cup:

Fiscal Reports from past years,

Meet Rules,

meet planning Checklists, and

past Montana Cup Committee Meeting Minutes (for those few who are really curious about the details!).

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