HOF Induction Criteria

Historical assessment was used to ascertain the Hall of Fame’s two charter members in 2004. All subsequent HOFers will be chosen using set criteria as follows.

• As many as one female and one male may be inducted into the HOF during any year.

• HOF nominations may be made by anyone who has run at least two Montana Cups.

• Nominations must establish the following HOF qualifications.

– Nominees must have raced in at least five Montana Cups.

– Nominees must have affirmed passion for the Montana Cup.

– Nominees must have done at least one of the following:

Significantly improved the Montana Cup as an event, or

Distinguished her or himself during team and or individual Montana Cup


• If either gender has more than one qualified nominee in a given year, the group will be narrowed to one by a vote of all living HOFers. Voting ties can only be decided by debate among HOFers.

• Each gender’s top vote-getter will then be re-voted by secret ballot by HOFers, with a two-thirds majority needed to confirm HOF induction.

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